Window Issues: Repair or Replace?

At Peach Building Products, we’re here to help anytime you need window replacement for any reason. Whether it’s due to functionality issues or a change in design, we can help you find the perfect new windows for your home or business.

At the same time, we never want our clients to spend money when they don’t necessarily have to. There might be situations where you feel like you have to replace a window, but in reality you could do just fine with some simple repairs. Let’s look at several possible window issues that might crop up, plus whether you need to replace the window in these cases.

Draft Issues

Have you started to notice a draft from windows that seemingly can’t be explained? This is often due to simple issues with your seal due to weatherstripping wearing down over time – a little caulk and some handy know-how can often correct this issue before it becomes costly.

On the other hand, it’s possible a draft is caused by a loose sash or wood that’s begun to rot and wear away. It also could be due to older windows that still use single-pane glass. In these cases, replacing the window is usually the way to go.

Broken Glass

Glass can crack or break, often due to hail or other major weather issues that cause it to be hit by solid objects. If you find a crack in your window but notice that the frame is still doing well, chances are you’ll be better off only replacing the glass while keeping the frame intact. If the frame is damaged or old, though, you should consider replacing the entire thing.

Broken Seal

With double-pane windows, the standard for installation today, an airtight seal links the two panes and insulates the room by slowing down heat transfer. This seal can break, however, leading to condensation and fog issues.

Unfortunately, this is an area where most repairs won’t suffice. Broken seals usually require full replacements, though high-quality frames might allow you to just replace the sash alone.

Trouble Opening and Closing

This is usually an issue with older windows, which may have trouble operating for a variety of reasons. These range from basic wear and tear or hardware breakdowns to people painting the windows shut, and the cause will often dictate the response – if we’re talking about simple dirt or paint, you can remove these with a knife or other tools. If the issue is an alignment problem or with parts that are hard to find, though, replacement could be the way to go.

For more on determining whether to repair or fully replace windows, or for information on any of our custom doors or windows, speak to the pros at Peach Building Products today.