Choosing Between Bi-Fold and Stackable Folding Doors

When it comes to a combination of aesthetics and convenience from your doors, few options are better than modern folding door options. Using glass telescoping, these doors allow for fantastic views from within your home, but are also fantastic architectural additions to the home that add value and are highly functional.

At Peach Building Products, we’re happy to offer an array of folding door systems for any home, including two primary options: Stackable and bi-fold doors. While these two are relatively similar and both belong in the folding door family, they also have some important differences that separate them. Here’s a quick primer on both types plus how to choose between them.

choosing bi-fold stackable folding doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are highly flexible items, describing either doorways or entire glass walls that you can transfer between easily. They utilize several framed glass panels that are all hinged together, creating a wonderful aesthetic where you can maximize your view. For practicality, these panels fold up against one another when the door is opened, allowing for simple access in and out whenever necessary.

Bi-fold doors are beneficial for several reasons, their versatility chief among them. They’re great for an entertainment space, offering unobstructed views plus great ventilation and natural light themes. They’re often perfect for those looking to fight temperature loss in the winter by letting the sun’s rays in. In addition, their smooth and discrete operations make them virtually invisible when they’re not being used.

Stackable Doors

Stackable doors, also known as stacker doors in some circles, utilize two panels that slide in behind a single fixed pane. As one panel slides over the next, the two interlock and continue sliding, picking up more panels as they move along. This creates a “stacking” effect at the end of the line.

Stackable doors are not quite as practical as bi-fold doors, as they take up a bit more space due to the stacking needs. However, they’re highly stylish and create fantastic ambiance, plus come with multiple design formats depending on your indoor environment. They also work well for connecting a living area to an outdoor entertainment area, allowing for a single push to open the door easily.

Making Your Choice

So how do you decide between the two? The primary difference, as we’ve gone over here, is the opening and closing format – bi-fold doors fold on themselves, while stackers run on a track and stack up near the end. Stackable doors tend to take up much more space in the retraction area, while bi-fold doors will take up a bit more in the actual opening area itself.

For more on how to choose between bi-fold and stackable doors for your folding door system, or to learn about any of our new doors, new windows or other home services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.