Windows and Doors in a Remodel: Utah Window Themes

There are a number of different home elements you might be considering as part of a remodeling project, from fixtures and appliances to tile, countertops, cabinets and numerous others. In addition, however, we’d nominate two other major elements for consideration here: Doors and windows.

At Peach Building Products, we’re happy to offer a huge range of residential windows, window accessories, and numerous doors to all our clients in Utah – including those considering these items as part of a larger room or home remodel. Not only will we offer you a massive selection of products and materials to choose from, we’re also here to assist with inspiration. This two-part blog series will go over some of our favorite examples of windows or doors being used as part of a remodeling project, plus the proper materials to consider if you’re going this route.

Bathroom Window Themes

windows doors remodel themes

For those remodeling a bathroom, one of the single most common remodel types out there, adding a window or sun tunnel brings fantastic natural light into an area that doesn’t usually get much. Consider a frosted glass or awning window, for instance, that you can install high up on your wall – if you have any bathroom privacy concerns, these will ensure they are met.

The sun tunnel, on the other hand, is ideal for bathrooms that aren’t located on an exterior wall. Even if you don’t have a direct line to natural light, you can bring diffused light in through the ceiling via this method.

Kitchen Sink Window

windows doors remodel themes

Another highly common upgrade is in the kitchen, where many homeowners want to be able to see out into their garden. Placing a simple window directly behind the sink and backsplash area is often ideal here, allowing you to open and close it for a small breeze plus have a full view of the yard.

Garden Window

Garden Window

Similar to a bay window, a garden window is usually found over the kitchen sink and provides a sunny nook for houseplants such as potted herb gardens, flowering indoor plants, or any other kind of indoor plant. These are becoming more and more popular in recent remodeling trends since the garden window works well in a number of home styles.

For more on how to infuse windows and doors into your home remodeling process in valuable ways, or to learn about any of our window or door replacement services throughout Utah, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.