Window Style Guide

Whether you’re having the home of your dreams built or are remodeling an older unit, your choice of windows will have a big impact. The right window will make a small space feel bright and expansive; a large space feel warm and cozy, let cool breezes in, keep icy temperatures out, and be easy to maintain. It should also work with your personal design aesthetic, whatever that may be.

That’s a tall order, but there is a window design for every homeowner’s need. Here’s a guide to the general styles of windows we offer at Peach Building Products Doors & Windows. These are available in both classic wood and easy-care vinyl frames.

Window Styles

Bay Windows: Bay windows are typically made of three separate windows connected at a sharp angle with a central window with two flanking windows. Bay windows extend outward from the wall of the house, expanding the visual space and adding charm to the design.



Bow Windows: Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but they use four or more windows connected at a gradual angle for a more curved effect. Bow windows extend outward from the wall of the house, expanding the visual space and adding charm to the design.



Garden Windows: These are designed to stick out from the wall of the house, freeing up space indoors as they let in light. They feature an internal shelf and are ideal for growing houseplants or herbs for the kitchen.



Radius or Arch Windows: These windows feature a rectangular bottom and an arched or half-circle top. This classic design element softens a room, adds visual interest by breaking up the boxy rectangles of the space, and can even let more light in.



Awning Windows: These windows feature a hinge along the top edge, letting them open outward. That allows you to let fresh air in, while keeping bad weather and falling leaves out.




Casement Windows: These windows, sometimes called tile-and-turn windows, are hinged along one side and swing open or closed either when a hand crank is operated. This is a very popular choice of window, particularly in areas like the kitchen.



Double Hung Windows: Double Hung Windows offer homeowners options. Either or both sashes of glass may be opened, sliding upwards and downwards or even tilting inside the room to make them easier to clean.



Horizontal Sliders: These windows open by sliding to the left or right. When open, the window tucks neatly into the frame instead of extending into the space. This makes them ideal for areas with limited space such as hallways and porches. They come with single and double sliders.



Single Hung Windows: A household classic, single hung windows have a bottom sash of glass that slides up, overlapping the fixed top sash. This lets you get more ventilation in the room without having the window extending outward, making it great for cramped spaces.