Tips for Painting an Office

At American Town Painting, we’re happy to be a top painting contractor company serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Our services include everything from commercial and residential painting to cabinets, epoxy and much more.

If you’re a business owner or manager looking for interior painting solutions, there are a few areas you’ll prioritize that might be different from a residential homeowner. Here are a few basic tips we can offer on business painting areas to prioritize so you get a lasting, memorable paint look in your office.

The Right Paint

The first big area you have to consider is the kind of paint and gloss you use. If you have a high-traffic office where people are commonly moving in and out, it’s best to have a material that can be cleaned easily – semi-gloss is often the way to go here. It’s nonporous, unlike flat paint, which makes it easier to clean more often.

If you have a showroom or a similar boutique setting, you might consider matte or flat paint. It reflects light a bit less, and also shows fewer imperfections on your walls while giving off a clean and understated look.

Touch-Up Tips

If you’re just looking to touch up certain areas, things are a bit different. First you have to identify the age of the paint in the area – the older it is, the tougher it will be to touch up due to water loss in the paint over the years. Another important factor is the flatness of the paint, which will make it easier to touch up. One downside of semi-gloss, which we mentioned in the section above, is that it’s very hard to touch up over time.

Wash, Not Scrub

When it comes time to clean painted walls, the name of the game is speed and practicality. The sooner you get to marks on painted walls, the easier they will be to clean. In addition, try your best to lightly wash painted walls rather than scrubbing heavily, to reduce the damage to both paint and the wall itself.


When it comes to paint maintenance, you need to be invested in a company that will keep your look lasting for decades. A lot of this starts with doing the job right in the first place, but this also speaks to a company like ours that will take the time to keep things well-maintained.

For more on areas to prioritize when it comes to painting an office, or to learn about any of our interior or exterior painting solutions, speak to the pros at American Town Painting today.