Primer on Window Sashes and Sash Components, Part 1

At Peach Building Products, we’re proud to serve as your one-stop shop for all replacement window needs. We offer a huge variety of custom window products, with an expert staff happy to answer all questions and go over important details of various window components with you.

One important component that’s worth being aware of for any window is the sash, which is an important part of the overall piece that plays a role in movement of the window and other factors. This two-part blog series will go over what window sashes are and the types to be aware of, plus various components of a window sash you might hear our manufacturers or installers reference.

primer window sashes components

Window Sash Basics

A window sash refers to the pane and all surrounding components of the pane, and is generally involved in the function of opening and closing the window. Window sashes are present on both single- and double-hung window types, and sliding windows will have two sashes.

Window Sash Types

Now, It’s important to note that there are two types of window sash: Upper and lower sashes. In a single-hung window situation, only the lower hash will open; for double-hung windows, both the upper and lower sashes will operate.

In some situations, you may hear upper and lower sashes referred to using different terms. Some might change them to “operable sashes” and “fixed/inoperable” sashes to be a bit more descriptive of their actual practical purpose.

Our next several sections will dig into specific components of a given window sash.

Rails and Stiles

The border surrounding a window pane can be made of several materials: Vinyl, wood, fiberglass or aluminum. This choice will usually be made to match the material the window frame itself is made of.

The top and bottom horizontal edges of these panes are known as rails, and the left and right vertical edges are stiles. Some may choose a different material for their rails or stiles if aesthetics are a major consideration and functionality isn’t too large a concern, but for those with practical use in mind, we recommend sticking with the same material in most situations.

Sash Lock and Pulls

The sash lock is a vital piece of hardware that latches the window closed, helping keep it secure. If you have casement or awning windows, the sash lock will lock against the frame; if you have sliding windows, they will lock at the meeting style; single- or double-hung windows, on the other hand, lock at the meeting rail.

Sash pulls, on the other hand, refer to various handles, indentations or raised areas that allow for opening and closing the window easily.

For more on window sashes and their various components, or to learn about any of our custom windows or doors, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.