High-ROI Window and Door Installations for Home Value, Part 1

There are several factors that play a role in a successful remodel or renovation to a given home, and one at or near the top of the list for any homeowner is price and value. And while the up-front price tag on a given installation or remodeling service is part of this equation, it’s far from covering the entire scope.

At Peach Building Products, we’re proud to offer numerous services known to bring high value and return-on-investment (ROI), from vinyl window replacement to sliding doors, custom windows and several other options. What are some of the services we offer that contain the highest values for homeowners, and why might you consider them if home value or a future sale is on your mind? This two-part blog will go over everything you need to know here.

high ROI window door installations

Understanding Remodeling or Renovation ROI

For starters, it’s important to understand what we mean by ROI within the remodeling or renovation realm. All such services and products naturally come with price tags, which incorporate everything from the materials and planning stages to the actual man hours used to complete the job.

When we talk about ROI, however, we’re referring to the way this price tag compares to the value you stand to receive on your home’s overall price. You see, not all renovations or remodeling jobs have the same impact on your home’s resale value, even some that are priced almost identically. Buyers tend to gravitate toward certain kinds of renovations more than others, meaning you can recoup your renovation costs to a greater degree.

Our next several sections will go into some of the services we offer that carry the highest ROI.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Vinyl window replacement has long been at or near the top of these lists, as it provides fantastic value for homeowners. Its average return on investment in recent years has hovered right around 75%, among the highest for common exterior changes.

Now, not all vinyl windows are created equal. The higher-quality your windows, the better the ROI – that’s why you want to come to quality professionals like ours for installations. In addition, pay close attention to the glass package that’s included, as this will play a huge role in energy savings and overall value to the home. Finally, ensure you only hire reputable installation professionals like ours; improper installation is one of the quickest ways to torpedo the ROI of a given home upgrade, so ensure you never risk this when installing new windows.

For more on choosing the kinds of exterior renovations that bring high return-on-investment, or to learn about any of our new windows, door replacement or other services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.