Block the Light Coming from Your Sliding Glass Doors with Blackout Blinds

Block the Light Coming from Your Sliding Glass Doors with Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are not just for your bedroom — they’re for any room you want to be dark. Increasingly these days, homeowners want their basements dark, so they can properly enjoy their home theaters.

Home theaters are usually located in basements because it is an area of the house that’s large enough to hold the seats and equipment. And luckily, it’s usually darker in the basement, since basements are often mostly below ground. But not always. Many basements are equipped with sliding glass doors, which let in tons of light. This is usually what people want, but not when they have the corn popped, the guests over and the film queued up but the streetlights are illuminating your basement like it’s high noon.

Choices, Choices

Sliding glass doors are often equipped with vertical blinds, which usually do the job of creating a barrier between the inside and the outside, but they don’t compare to blackout blinds, which can block more than 90 percent of outside light. Most people use them for windows, but if you have 40 square feet of glass and you want it to be dark, you have to find a way to cover it.

Although a lot of blackout blinds are black or dark brown or gray, they don’t have to be — you can get colors. Some are even beige or cream. Be sure before buying, however, that these truly block out light — some blinds are marketed as “blackout” when they really just mean solid, as opposed to slats.

Buyer Beware!

Other products marketed as blackout blinds are actually a dark film that you affix to your window. These, however, bear an amazing resemblance to Hefty trash bags, so if you want to go this route, you might want to pick up a heavy-duty roll and some duct tape at your local home-improvement store instead of ordering them online for upwards of $50. If you’re looking for more aesthetic appeal and a product that works, you might want to go the blinds route.

Depending on how your basement is configured, blackout blinds for glass doors might do double duty if you have guests over. You may have a separate bedroom with a door, but if you don’t, if you have multiple guests or if your kids have a sleepover, it’s going to be more important to keep it dark in the main room.

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