Common Door Style Variables to Consider, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over the basics on some of the most common door types and styles available today. Modern door materials allow for a huge range of different door options available to you, and choosing the right one means going over several different variables.

At Peach Building Products, were proud to offer numerous door options for all our clients, from entry doors to patio doors, bifold doors and a wide variety of additional choices. What are some of the other common door styles you might consider for a new door installation based on your needs, and how do these fit into your style and budget considerations? Here are some basics on these areas in part two of our series.

door style variables consider

Large Bi-fold or Multi Sliding Doors

We went over sliding doors in part one of our series, and there are several variations to consider within this realm. One major option is known as the bi-fold (or multi-slide) glass door, which is a doorway or glass wall that can be changed up based on your needs.

Bi-fold doors are incredibly easy to install and maintain, plus are very versatile – they work with both modern and traditional aesthetics in your home. They allow for multiple locking points, which is a major benefit to some homeowners who prioritize safety and security from their doors.

On the downside, these doors include multiple frames and may limit your views in certain areas – though this can be worked around. They also do not include a threshold, which some buyers desire, and may need to be stacked in your home, which can limit space a bit. However, it’s simple enough to coordinate a designated storage area for unused frames.

French Doors

French doors are a great option for those looking to promote an elegant aesthetic in their space. They require some floor space to open, which often means they aren’t ideal for smaller doorway spaces. On the flip side, though, they’re fantastic for ventilation as they use the entire width of a door frame.

Patio Enclosures and Window Walls

For those looking to enclose an outdoor patio space, we’re proud to offer several high-quality door options to match this upgrade. These include the French doors we just described, but also sliding glass doors, sliding doors with blinds inserted between the glass areas, or even a modern “window wall” system – where all the doors stack to one side, allowing a given wall to completely open itself to the outdoors. Window walls can be installed either in slide-stacking or a bi-fold format.

For more on the various door formats available to you, or to learn about any of our entry doors, custom windows or other home services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.