Signs Your Windows Are Giving You

In most cases, homeowners think of custom windows and doors in the home as providing simple services. They keep air in or out, regulate light, and dictate the view you have for outside the home.

At Peach Building Products, however, we’re here to tell you that windows do far more than that in reality. Namely, windows can actually help tell you a lot about certain things going on in your home – whether it’s replacements or repairs needed on the windows themselves or even certain other related areas. Let’s look at some of the primary signals your windows will send you, and how to respond to them.

Broken Seal

Have you started to notice condensation building up between sheets of glass on double- or triple-paned windows? In most cases, this means the window seal has been broken, allowing moisture to enter and fog the window. A broken seal also messes with insulation properties, so this dictates home window replacement as soon as possible.

Cleaning Needed!

If you notice casement windows that are becoming stuck or tough to open and close, this is usually because some basic cleaning is needed. You might need to apply some oil to various moving parts, or replace them. If you have sliding windows, you may need to remove debris from the track.

Home is Too Humid

If you notice condensation on the inside of the window rather than in between panes, it’s likely your home is too humid inside. Moisture condenses because air cools near the glass based on colder temperatures outside.

If this is the case, simply crack your window for 15 minutes a day to improve ventilation. In the future, consider a dehumidifier for the room in question.

Frame is Swelling

If you have wood window frames and the windows are becoming tough to open or close, it’s likely because the frame is swelling. This is often due to high humidity, so the above solutions apply along with sanding down wood panes to help them slide more easily.

You Have a Leak

If you notice water regularly seeping in during storms, it could be a leak issue. This isn’t always even for the window itself – sometimes this is a roof or siding leak issue, but you need to get it addressed regardless to avoid mold formation.

Weather Stripping Issues

If you see regular drafts near your windows, it could mean the weather stripping is cracked or not compressing fully. Our pros can help you out here if this is the case.

For more on the signs your windows will give you about problems in the home, or to learn more about any of our custom windows or doors, speak to the pros at Peach Building Products today.