Skylights Deliver Lots of Joy for Little Money

Skylights Deliver Lots of Joy for Little Money

A skylight is a rewarding project because it makes such a big impact and costs so little in comparison to other home improvement projects. The materials themselves can be quite inexpensive. Installation costs are higher, but the total still comes in well under almost all home renovation projects. Read on to find out how and why your home will benefit from the addition of a skylight.

Let There Be Light

One of the single most important factors in how a room looks and feels is light. If you have overhead lighting in the form an ’80s fixture with a total watt load of 120, your room is going to be awash in an unflattering, sickly pale light. If your space is not wired with any ceiling fixtures, you have to rely on lamps, which can be warm and cozy on a November evening, but generally also cast lots of shadows and bathe your room in a yellowish glow. Recessed and track lighting are popular today, but the former tends to cast narrow spotlights from above, and the latter is better suited to highlighting artwork.

Humans are meant to spend time outdoors, and when too much of their time is spent in the eerie glow of fluorescent office lighting or the television in their basement, they may start to suffer sleep problems, depression, lethargy and more. A skylight can solve all of these problems.

Always in Season

Skylights are truly four-season features. As we enter fall and the days grow shorter, the extra light they allow into your home makes for a brighter, cheerier atmosphere, helping you face the end of another summer. By the time Dec. 21st rolls around, you will definitely be glad for the extra window.

Skylights also allow you to view the night sky in winter without getting cold. Turn the lights off, lie on your back with a pillow and gaze up at the stars while staying snug and warm. If you have a fireplace in the same room, start a fire, open a bottle of chianti and you have the perfect romantic evening.

Bang for Your Buck

According to Remodeling, only new front entry or garage doors are cheaper home improvements than adding a skylight, and a skylight is much more fun and appealing.

If you would like to add a skylight to your home, contact the experts at Peach Building Products. They can help you pinpoint the best placement location so you can get the most enjoyment out of your investment. Don’t wait to brighten your life with a new skylight!