March 1, 2017

Automatic Opening Skylights in Utah


Skylights Skylights

Premium Automatic Opening Skylights

Skylights bring in natural sunlight without sacrificing privacy or precious wall space. Add fresh air and natural beauty to any room by selecting our solar-powered programmable skylights. Optional automatic blackout blinds can block up to 98% of all light so you have complete control over the lighting. With our automated dust and rain sensor, you’ll never have to worry about coming home to close your skylight for inclement weather – it closes for you automatically if it senses bad weather! Our Utah exclusive skylight is an engineering masterpiece and a state of the art “must have” that will make your neighbors more than jealous.

At Peach Building Products Doors & Windows, we have 25+ years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing skylights. Let our experienced team of professionals help. Call us at (801) 566-1255 or fill out a quick quote form online!

Benefits of Installing Skylights

Benefits of Opening Skylights

  • NEW remote controlled solar powered skylights are wireless
  • Control up to 50 skylights with one easy to use remote control
  • Instantly release hot, humid, odorous air trapped near your ceiling
  • Integrated rain and dust sensors automatically close your skylight
  • No leak warranty assures your skylight will last a lifetime
  • Integrated automatic power blinds (blackout available)
  • Bring ventilation to any room, bath, hallway or closet
  • Adds resale value and desirability to your home
  • Program the opening and closing times of your skylights
  • Maintenance-free with no wires to run or batteries to replace
  • Solar power source will last for up to 20 days without sunlight
  • Decrease your cooling costs by ventilating trapped air near ceilings
Skylights for Businesses

Commercial Opening Skylights

At Peach Building Products, we help architects, builders, contractors, and business owners find the ideal solutions to their commercial skylight needs. Our commercial skylights come in a variety of glazes, finishes, and sizes, including custom options. Letting daylight through the roof of your commercial building with a commercial skylight offers benefits, unlike any other light source. Skylights can distribute natural, full-spectrum daylight throughout your building, improving the performance and comfort of your employees and customers. They can reduce your energy usage and dependence. They can also highlight and enhance the architectural design of your building’s interior. Let us help you bring the Utah sunshine into your commercial building today!


Skylight Replacement in Utah

Estimating the cost of replacing an existing skylight requires expert judgment. In general, replacing a skylight should cost less than installing a new one because openings in the ceiling and roof already exist.But a lot depends on the condition of the skylight and the openings. Sometimes it is necessary to strip away roofing material and adjust the opening to seal against leaks and make sure the new skylight performs optimally.

Let us give you our expert judgment about your skylight replacement needs. We will find what we think is your best option and explain why. We will explain all the facts you need to reach an informed decision.


Skylight Repairs in Utah

In Utah, we enjoy a variety of beautiful roof types and unique roof designs. All this variety can complicate skylight repairs because each roof presents its own challenges. That’s why we give each skylight job individualized attention to make sure you get the best solution to your skylight repair based on individual factors like the layout of your home and the severity of your damage.

Skylights may need repair due to the wear and tear of time and weather. But unless you can see a crack or a broken part in your skylight, you’re not likely to notice that your skylight needs repair. The first sign of the need for repair will likely be a water leak around or near your skylight after a heavy rain. Water tends to find its way into your house through problem areas. Because skylight repairs generally cost less when you catch the damage early, it’s a good idea to check your skylights regularly after heavy rains for early signs of leaks.

Skylights = Sweet Breeze & Natural Light
One of the most unique ways to improve your home is to add a custom smart solar skylight. With our unique remote controlled solar powered skylights, you can bring home automation to a whole new level, and instantly add an inviting, refreshing spirit to your home. Watch the short video to learn more why adding our patented solar skylights are an investment you can’t refuse. Transform your room today!


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