Choosing Proper Doorknob, Hinge and Lock Styles

Whether you’re selecting all new custom doors or considering an entry or patio door upgrade, there are several important pieces of hardware you’ll have to think about. While the primary material used for your door is often the first area you consider, it’s vital to also look at items like hinges, doorknobs and even the lockset type you want for your door.

At Peach Building Products, we offer a wide variety of entry doors and related door products for you to browse. Let’s go over some of the options that will be available to you within each of the major component areas you’ll want to consider for a new entry door.

choosing doorknob hinge lock

Doorknob Choice

Generally speaking, there are a few doorknob styles out there to choose from:

  • Round: This is the most common and popular doorknob style available, one virtually everyone is familiar with. Round doorknobs are found throughout most homes on several door types, from entry doors to patio doors and individual interior doors. Round doorknobs can be fitted with various lock formats and are popular in part due to how easy they are to childproof.
  • Lever handle: Another common doorknob type is the lever handle, one that’s easier to open for many people. Because it requires no pinching or twisting, the lever handle door is often a choice for senior facilities or any location where those with arthritis might spend time regularly. These knobs also offer convenience for when your hands are in use.
  • Handle set: This is a combination of a thumb latch with a handle, one that’s most commonly used on entry doors. Many such doors will come with a handle set on the outside and a round doorknob on the inside.


There are also several hinge choices for common home doors:

  • Ball-bearing hinge: These are permanently lubricated hinge types that allow the door to swing easily, and is common on heavier doors.
  • Residential or “butt” hinge: The most common hinge format for both interior and exterior doors, the hinge will be installed on the door and the frame. When the door closes, only the pin and joints in the hinges are visible, and the hinge can be removed if the door needs to be replaced.
  • Spring hinge: Common for garage side doors and some patio doors, the spring hinge closes the door automatically when it’s opened.
  • Double-action spring hinge: Similar to the normal spring hinge, but allowing doors to swing both directions for two-way access.

Lockset Selection

You also have several choices in terms of the locks on your door:

  • Passage lockset (no lock): In many public spaces or homes, doors have no lock and can be opened freely.
  • Privacy lockset: These are small locks that attach to a knob and can be locked from inside a given room. Most such locks allow for a small key that opens the door from the other side These are common in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Keyed entry: This is a type that has a lock option on both sides, usually with a turn or button on the inside and a key format on the outside. This is the most common lockset type for front entry doors.
  • Hardware Keypad Entry: As keyless locks are growing in popularity, many are converting to this format.  With these locks, you can control them with your smart phone allowing for much more control remotely.

For more on the components to consider for your new door, or to learn about any of our door or window services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.