Tips for Proper Window Care

When it comes to caring for various areas of the home, residential windows are often passed over. Many homeowners don’t realize the practical value in keeping windows both clean and well-maintained – value that can show up on your utility bill at the end of the month and in how long your windows last.

At Peach Building Products, we can help you with every care area for your new or custom windows. Here are some basics on use, humidity, glass cleaning and other important maintenance areas.

Basic Use Guidelines

Here are some basic tips for keeping windows opening and closing smoothly:

  • Operate windows gently – if you need major force to open or close them, something is wrong.
  • When opening and closing single- or double-hung sash windows, apply even pressure to both sides or simply apply pressure from the middle of the sash.
  • Close windows fully before trying to latch them.
  • Only operate awning and casement windows as directed – from the inside, using the attached handle.
  • Never let anyone pull, swing or lean on open sashes or stabilizer arms for casement windows.

Controlling Humidity

Ever noticed condensation forming on window panes? This means your indoor humidity is too high, which can lead to rot and mold concerns. If you notice this, find ways to ventilate – run fans, open windows and run dehumidifiers if needed.

Cleaning Glass

  • Spray a store-bough cleaner onto glass – avoid abrasive cleaners or any chemicals that can stain or etch glass. Use a lint-free cloth, paper towel or squeegee.
  • For dried or stuck items like paint, caulk or sealant, use denatured alcohol or warmed vinegar on a clean cloth – scrub the surface and gently scrape with a single-edge blade if needed.
  • For adhesive or any color marks such as crayon, use glass cooktop cleaner using a wet cloth. Scrub gently until the markings go away.

Other Maintenance

  • Wipe down the interior window frame every now and then with a damp cloth to get rid of dust or dirt.
  • Using silicone spray, lubricate window tracks regularly.
  • Clean operating parts of windows, from gears and pins to locks and all other important components.
  • Vacuum sash tracks with a brush attachment.
  • Clean factory-finish on the exterior of windows with water and a mild detergent – rinse right away to avoid any streaking.
  • Sand, paint and seal wood windows every few years or so.

For more on caring for your home windows, or to learn about any of our window or door services, speak to the pros at Peach Building Products today.