Why Summer is the Best Time to Buy Window Blinds

Blinds Can Safeguard Your Home From the Hot Summer Sun

What can protect you from the relentless summer heat? Blinds! That’s why they call them blinds. Think about the origin of the word. The first image that probably comes to mind is blind in the sense of not being able to see. Another usage is blind is blinders for horses, so that they can only see a restricted area. Or hunters use a blind so that their prey cannot see them. What you need is a barrier between yourself and those strong rays of sunshine that brighten the long summer days in Utah.

You’ve come through a good part of the summer without them, but the dog days are coming up, and you — and your electric bill — want some relief. Blinds are the way to go. But understand that they are an investment in your home — don’t go the cheap route. Get custom, quality blinds. You won’t be sorry.

Custom vs. Ready-Made

The biggest difference between great blinds and mediocre ones is whether you buy them ready-made or custom-made. Ready-made is cheaper, but they will not fit your windows the way custom blinds will. Ready-made blinds are meant to be installed on the outside of your window frame because they are of a standard width that might not be the same size as your window. Installing them on the outside allows for extra space to accommodate that extra width.

When you order custom-made blinds, trained professionals come out to your home to measure each of your windows carefully so that you get a perfect fit. Some companies allow you to do the measuring yourself, but this can be nerve-wracking, because if you make a mistake, it can be costly. Properly measured custom blinds fit inside your window like a glove, blocking out the maximum amount of light.

Construction Comes into Play

Slat width and closure tightness also matter when it comes to blocking out light. Most people have seen blinds that still let in plenty of light, even when they’re closed. The beauty of blinds is that they adjust to let in or keep out the amount of light desired. If you desire no light but still get some, your blinds are not doing their job. A tight-closing blind also provides more privacy than a lesser variety.

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