Want Light and Airy? Get a Skylight!

Want Light and Airy? Get a Skylight

June is the perfect month to get a skylight because now is the start of the season for beautiful weather. Skylights brighten up dark interiors year-round, but once that last frost is past, you can open them to let in that sweet smell of spring. While installation sometimes can be done in colder months, February is not a good time to have a hole cut in your roof, so the earlier you can get the job done in the warmer weather, the longer you have to enjoy your new feature.

Bright and Cheery

The biggest reason homeowners want skylights is they’re a great way to get more natural light into your home without taking up precious wall space. Kitchens are particularly popular spots for skylight, as cabinets take up most of the wall space there. Windows can end up dictating where your furniture goes in your home, and they aren’t even always good light sources, because they can be blocked by trees or located on a shady side of the house. Skylights let the light in all day long.

Fully Automated

Years ago, skylights were akin to mere panes of glass in the ceiling, but today they are so much more. Most people nowadays opt for skylights that open and close. This feature is great not just for fresh air and circulation, but also to allow cooking odors to escape and to help cut down on air conditioning usage. If you have smart home technology, you can control this function remotely, but if you don’t, some skylights come with a rain sensor and close automatically in a shower to prevent any water from getting into your home.

Too Bright?

But what if your skylights let in too much light? Maybe there’s a heat wave in your part of the country, your A/C is working overtime to keep indoor temps below 80 degrees and the punishing sun is shining right smack into your bedroom. The answer is blinds. Yes, many skylights now come with an optional blinds feature that allows you to block out the sun whenever you so desire. Some are programmable, allowing you to set them to open and close regularly at pre-set times of day. You can get room darkening, light filtering or one of hundreds of fun blinds patterns, colors and styles.

Cleaner Air

Proper ventilation in a home is key to keeping family members healthy, and mold and mildew at bay. The superior air circulation skylights can help provide is difficult to achieve with ordinary windows. Leaving your skylights open even a few inches allows odors from cooking, cleaning, fresh paint or plastics to easily escape. Pet hair and dust mites have less of chance to pile up on the surfaces in your home.

If you are considering adding one or more skylights to your home, call Peach Building Products. We install fully automated, solar-powered skylights guaranteed never to leak.