Use Your Windows to Look Outside the Box

Use Your Windows to Look Outside the Box

Your windows don’t have to be rectangles. Your eyes aren’t rectangles, and you use them to look out your windows, so what sense does that make? If you’re tired of your boring old windows that are the same as most any other window you’d see in any other house, consider changing one or two to a different shape and style.

Fun Shapes

Circle, circle top and eyebrow-shaped windows can give your home a truly distinctive look. Many homeowners choose to go with windowpane inserts with these types of windows to give their home some extra character. These can often be paired with quarter arc windows for a more eye-catching design, or dressed up with an almost endless variety of unique trims.

Garden Style

Although takeout has become a popular backup plan for Americans, many people still cook and some even enjoy it. These people spend lots of time in their kitchens, slaving away over a hot stove. That’s why garden windows are springing up in kitchens everywhere, bringing a little of the outdoors into your workspace.

Quality, Not Quantity

When you have a garden window installed, you generally don’t change the size of the opening for the window — doing so would require costly and messy demolition. So the size of your window won’t change, but the quality will. Because they extend out and away from the house, you’re able to let in extra air from both ends of the enclosure.

Add Greenery

Most people opt to keep plants on the floor of their garden windows, and cooks especially like herbs. What could be easier than reaching over and plucking off a few basil leaves when you’re making a pesto, or some parsley for a tasty garnish? Convenient and sweet-smelling, an herb garden at your fingertips is the dream of many home cooks.

Sometimes Size Does Matter

Daylight is at a premium these days. People spend so much time indoors, at the office or at home, using electronics or doing household chores, that they sometimes miss seeing the light of day. What can help? Bigger windows.

Let There Be Light

Bow and bay windows bring you the light you crave. Wide and expansive, they let sunlight pour into your living or family room. Add drapes for those times you might want a little less light or some privacy.

Peach Building Products of Midvale, Utah, sells and installs all types of replacement windows, no matter the size and shape. If you’re looking to add a little character to your home with a distinctive window, consult with the experts at Peach.