Tips on Adding Security to Windows

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes, especially when the temperatures turn cold for the winter, and windows are a big part of this. Window replacement is common during this season among homeowners looking to keep their houses secure.

At Peach Building Products, we have all the custom window products you need to help with these efforts. We have wood, vinyl, aluminum and even fiberglass window materials available, and we’ll help you choose the perfect combination of materials and accessories to keep your home protected from burglars and any other invasion. Here are some basic tips and additional window installations we can recommend if security is a particularly high priority.

tips adding security windows


The most effective protection out there against burglars is also the simplest area of all: Lock your windows. Around one-third of all home burglaries take place when the burglar enters through an unlocked window, which prevents them from having to make any effort or tripping off alarm systems.

To avoid this, take up the simple habit of locking every window in the home as soon as it’s closed. Teach any children in the home to do the same. If you think your window locks are wearing down, consider replacing them or installing secondary locks.

Security Shutters

If burglary is on the rise in your area or you’ve had a recent break-in incident, you can consider security shutters for the highest possible protection level. These are shutters that are placed over the exterior of your glass, making the glass totally off limits to anyone. They’re commonly used by families traveling abroad for months at a time, but can also be used to increase sound insulation and energy efficiency.

Screens and Films

Most of us regularly use screens to stop bugs and insects, and we’re talking about similar items here – only made using steel, with much stronger mesh that can’t be cut easily with a knife. These screens may not completely prevent a burglar from getting inside, but they will slow them down significantly. Since research has shown that most burglars give up if a given building takes more than a few minutes to break into, this can be very valuable.

In addition, after-market window film helps your glass stay together if a burglar attempts to break it by force. It also leads to a glare or tint outside the window that causes it to be tougher to see inside, meaning it will be tougher for would-be thieves to identify valuables in your home.

Bars or Grilles

Bars and grilles on the exterior of windows allow no physical space for a person to squeak through. For fire safety reasons, though, you cannot bar every window in the home. Some homeowners with security issues choose to place them only on the ground floor windows.

For more on how to increase the security of your windows this winter, or to learn about any of our window replacement services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.