July 3, 2017

Wood Windows FAQ

New windows can upgrade your home with improved light, greater comfort, increased energy efficiency, and security. Whether your preferred aesthetic is sleek lines of contemporary styles or fine details of traditional designs, our wide range of creatively crafted wood window products are available to complement your vision. Below are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about wood windows.

What Are the Benefits of Wood Windows?
What Kinds of Wood Are Used to Make Wood Windows?
What Are the Wood Species Options for Moldings?
Are Wood Window Frames Energy Efficient?
Are Wood Windows Available with Triple Panes?
Are Wood Windows Expensive?
How Are Wood Windows Preserved to Ensure Maximum Life Expectancy
Are Custom Colors Available?
How Should Wood Windows be Cleaned?
What is the Process for Obtaining Wood Windows?
What Should I Expect in the Installation Process?
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