Understanding Door Jambs and Other Door Frame Components

When it comes to any major door system, whether an entry door, patio door or any other type, there are several important components working together. From the frame and the door itself to various hardware elements used to define its operation, doors require properly-built components in a few vital areas.

At Peach Building Products, we’re happy to explain the details of any of our custom doors, including entry doors and several other styles. One important such component that many home and building owners don’t know enough about: The door jambs, plus other specific pieces that make up a door frame. Let’s go over what the door jamb is and why it matters, plus some of the other pieces that go into your frame.

door jambs frame components

Door Jamb Basics

Most entry doors will have multiple door jambs, which can in many cases simply be referred to as the legs of the door frame. The door jambs hold the mounting hinges on one side, then the strike plate for the door latch on the other side. They are vital for the connective element of a door with its doorway space.

Now, it’s important not to confuse door jambs with other components of the door frame. In particular, they are often mixed up with the door casing, which is the wood surrounding the door frame. Casing may also be referred to as door trim. These are very different things and should be treated as such.

Other Vital Frame Components

The door jamb is one central part of a door frame, but there are others. In many cases, replacing a door jamb involves building an entirely new frame. Some of the other components involved here include:

  • Door head: The horizontal component found just above the door, with two grooves the door jambs are built to fit into.
  • Door sill: Another horizontal piece that’s found on the floor below the door, also sometimes called the door threshold. Door sills are usually only found on exterior doors, adding rigidity and helping funnel away water as needed.
  • Door stop: Door stops are multiple thin strips of wood placed along the length of the door jambs and the head. They stop the door from being ripped off its hinges.
  • Weather stripping: Commonly mounted against the jamb and door stop, weather stripping creates an airtight seal for exterior doors to keep them protected. They usually feature a door sweep on the bottom to stop air from entering. Weather stripping is vital for sealing gaps and keeping heating and cooling costs down.
  • Jamb casing: Also called an architrave, this is a decorative trim mounted to the wall around the frame. It’s generally separate from the frame itself, meaning it can be removed or replaced easily.

For more on the important components involved in door jambs and door frames, or to learn about any of our entry doors or new window products, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.