Selecting Proper Hardware for New Doors

If you’re looking for a door replacement for your home, there are a number of factors to consider. There’s the actual material of the door itself, of course, and then there are also several hardware areas you’ll have to consider.

At Peach Building Products, we’re here to help with every step of this process. We have numerous materials for entry doors, along with a wide selection of hardware items for you to choose from. Here’s a basic guide on picking the right hardware for your entry doors and other doors in the home.

Knob Style

A few knob options include:

  • Round knob: This is the standard doorknob style out there, and it can be found anywhere in the home, from entry doors to patio doors. Round knobs can be easily childproofed, a big benefit for those with toddlers.
  • Handle set: This is a combination thumb latch/handle that’s used mostly on front entry doors. It will usually feature a handle on the exterior but a round knob on the interior.
  • Lever handle: Perfect for those with arthritis or other movement limitations, the lever handle allows you to press down without any grabbing, pinching or twisting.

Hinge Style

  • Residential/butt hinge: This is the most common hinge for doors, where rectangular portions of the hinge are installed on the door and the frame, and only the pin and the joints can be seen when the door is closed
  • Spring hinge: This is mostly for back doors and doors leading to the garage – it’s an automatic hinge that closes the door after it’s been opened.
  • Ball bearing hinge: These are permanently lubricated hinges that allow for easy swinging of heavier doors.
  • Double action spring hinge: For doors that need to be able to swing either way for two-way access, such as for kitchen or dining room doors.


  • Passage lockset: These are for most doorknobs in public areas, and have no locks – this allows them to be turned freely at all times.
  • Privacy lockset: Locks where the knob can be locked from inside via a button or turn, and a small hole on the other side allows universal key access.
  • Keyed entry lockset: A lockset that can be used on both sides of a door, and has both exterior and interior uses.

Color and Finish

In most cases, this will come down purely to your aesthetic choices. It’s often good to have continuity in terms of the entire home’s colors, but things can vary if you need them to.

To learn more about picking the right hardware elements for your doors, or to learn about any of our door replacement services, speak to the pros at Peach Building Products today.