S is for Sunrooms — and Spring!

S is for Sunrooms and Spring

Spring is the time your thoughts turn to sun, and sunrooms. If you have always wanted a sunroom, March is the best time to plan for it — it gives you enough time to meet with a contractor and get on the schedule before peak sun season.

Porches and patios are great, but face it, the bugs and the weather make it difficult to use them more than 90 days a year. Who wants to devote a piece of their precious property to a space you can only use less than a quarter of the time? Another challenge comes with upkeep. Even if you have a porch with a roof and screens, all the furniture and accessories are likely to be covered daily by a layer of dirt and/or pollen. Seat cushions tend to mildew during rainy periods, even if they don’t get directly rained on. A sunroom is the perfect solution. The windows keep the elements out while letting the light in.

Eating, Reading or Playing?

When you meet with a designer, the first question he or she will ask you is what you want to use the room for. Maybe you want to have romantic dinners with that special someone while enjoying a beautiful view, but maybe you’re thinking of hosting dinner parties, which would call for a much larger space. Some parents envision a playroom for their children, while others want some cozy couches and chairs in which to curl up and read a good book.

Whatever you use your space for, your sunroom will be the perfect place for your houseplants, herbs, flowers or any type of greenery.

Cost-Effective Choice

Adding a sunroom is often more economical than adding another type of room, since it doesn’t require digging a foundation and can instead be built on a concrete slab. You can even use an existing slab that might currently house your patio or porch. Big-box stores sell DIY sunroom kits, but if you want quality and a unique design, you’ll want to go with professional construction. Qualified installation also helps with saving money on energy, as it’s important to use properly insulated windows and doors. This can be challenging if you select circle-top windows or other unusually shaped designs, so it’s important to use a contractor with experience.

Rely on Experts

Peach Building Products has been designing and building sunrooms in Northern Utah for many years, and offers superior craftsmanship and full warranties. Windows and doors are their specialty, so you can rest assured your sunroom will have the most up-to-date products installed by the most experienced technicians. If you are planning to add a sunroom to your home, talk to the designers at Peach Building Products to see what options are available to you.