Painting Vs. Staining New Wood Window Frames

It’s vital for those considering new windows to think about their frames, and those choosing wood window frames will have an additional question to answer during the process: Do you choose painted or stained window frames? Both of these are excellent aesthetic options for featuring the wood grain and making the frame an attractive part of the window and its surrounding design, but which you choose will depend on a few factors.

At Peach Building Products, we’re happy to detail any of the production methods used for our window replacements, including painting or staining procedures for our wood window frames. What are the differences between these two methods for coloring window frames, and which factors should you be considering when deciding on one or the other? Here’s a quick primer.

painting staining wood window frames

Painting Window Frames

Among these two methods, painting is the one that allows for a bit more versatility and creativity. It does not require a special technique, meaning even many handy homeowners can paint or re-paint their own window frames if they desire to.

You have a full selection of color ranges when choosing painted window frames, which you can either match with surrounding elements or contrast for a nice visual. If you’re performing any painting job yourself on window frames, be sure to sand down any rough spots in advance so you get the best results possible.

One note here: If your home features high-quality custom woodwork, we recommend looking hard at staining. Painting these wood features or nearby wood frames may make the custom woodwork appear cheap or dated.

Staining Window Frames

One of the primary benefits of stained window frames over painted ones is the ability to control color depth. Oil stains, for instance, can be perfectly controlled to match a hardwood floor or some other area, making stains hugely valuable for high-quality wood frames and nearby woodwork.

For lower-quality wood, we might recommend going the painting route. Staining looks best on high-quality wood in most cases.

Factors to Consider

Some general factors to keep in mind when choosing between staining and painting:

  • Light: If your home doesn’t have much natural light, brightly painted window frames may help the space feel lighter and more open, while dark staining will close the space and enhance natural light features.
  • Style: Stains tend to work very well for classic, traditional homes while painting is often ideal for modern features.
  • Wood condition: Older, imperfect wood will generally do best with paint, which can cover certain minor aesthetic issues. Staining, on the other hand, is best for high-quality and newer wood.
  • Budget: Both techniques will range widely in terms of cost based on materials and labor, so speak to our pros ahead of time if budget is a concern.

For more on choosing between painting and staining a wood window frame, or to learn about any of our new windows and related window or door services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.