Modern Windows: Qualities to Be Prioritizing

For those who live in a contemporary, modern home and are considering new or upgraded windows, there are a number of options at your disposal. And like any other area of home design and aesthetics, many of these will feature some of the latest modern trends in today’s windows, which are relevant for major practical themes as well.

At Peach Building Products, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of custom windows for any home type, from classic and traditional homes up to the latest in modern designs. We utilize high-quality materials ranging from wood and vinyl to aluminum and fiberglass, helping you achieve both the look and functionality you desire in any room. What are some of the top qualities of modern windows you should be keeping in mind, and what are a few of the most common styles available to you if you’re looking to upgrade? This two-part blog series will go over several important areas.

modern windows qualities prioritizing

Larger Light Openings

One major theme that is present within many modern window styles is greater volume of glass. More and more modern homeowners want their windows to be expansive, featuring large swaths of glass that allow maximum light into the space.

These windows hold both aesthetic and clear practical benefits. Allowing in more light not only brightens the space and makes it feel more open, but also improves winter heating and limits potential HVAC costs for part of the year. For new homes that are being built today, large floor-to-ceiling windows are so common that they’re essentially considered the norm at this point.

Sleek Hardware

There are several areas of hardware where you’ll be able to spot modern windows. You might see items like polished chrome, for instance, or oil-rubbed bronze that’s meant to convey a modern theme. There are numerous choices here that will match the other finishes in your home, as well.

Thin Frames

Because of increases in window technology and capability, there are many settings where window frames can be incredibly thin, or even nearly invisible. This theme dovetails with larger light openings that we went over above – smaller frames mean more glass available, and more natural light allowed in. In addition, metal frames like aluminum and steel are highly popular for modern windows, offering great strength-to-weight ratios that allow smaller frames to still achieve practical needs.

Fewer Grids

Finally, more and more modern windows are eschewing the grid pattern theme you saw on many older options. Instead of these details getting in the way, modern options provide clean, streamlined full glass panels in the majority of settings.

For more on the modern trends in windows you should be aware of, or to learn about any of our custom doors, custom windows or other services, speak to the staff at Peach Building Products today.