Getting New Windows or Doors This Winter Can Save You Money

Getting New Windows or Door This Winter Can Save You Money

When the numbers on the thermometer get smaller, the numbers on your home-heating bill get larger. Prevent them from getting too large this winter by keeping drafts and cold air in your home to a minimum.

Replacement Windows Are Strong and Beautiful

A lot of the heat lost from your home escapes through windows and doors. If you own an older home and still have the original windows, they’re likely allowing cold air to seep inside. New windows will not only look better and be easier to clean, they’ll keep out the cold. Today’s windows come with triple-pane glass insulated with argon, which keeps out not just the cold, but the noise too. They come with a lifetime warranty, so the sooner you get them, the longer you get to enjoy them. If you think new windows sound expensive, think about how much money you spend every winter trying to keep your home warm with leaky windows.

Blinds or Shutters May be the Solution

If new windows really aren’t in your budget this year, at least consider insulating blinds or shutters. Blinds and shutters bring an exciting new look to a room, and they’re one of few decorations that help you save money. Insulating blinds can be shut tight against a cold draft, then opened up again when the sun comes by. Professional installation can provide a tight, custom fit so no cold air leaks around the edges. And blinds and shutters do double energy-saving duty by keeping out the hot sun of summer, preventing your air conditioner from running all the time and your furniture from fading. Plus, their adjustable nature is the perfect solution for letting in light while still retaining your privacy.

Don’t Let Your Money Go Out the Door

But it’s not just windows that are a portal for escaping heat – it’s doors too. You need only lay your hand on the glass from one of those old sliding doors to feel how little is between you and the outdoors. New doors – sliding, French or hinged – will bring you much more comfort. The special insulated glass puts an effective and transparent barrier between you and your back yard. Make sure your new doors are outfitted with good weather stripping and properly fitted door sweeps for maximum insulation. Many of today’s models are outfitted with blinds between the panes of glass so they’re easy to open and close but never need cleaning.

Peach Building Products Has What You Need

If you are considering replacing your old doors or windows this winter, or if you want to install blinds or shutters to add a classy touch to your living space while saving energy, call Peach Building Products at 801-566-1255, request an in-home consultation or visit the showroom to see all the options that are available at 7220 South 900 East Salt Lake City Utah 84047.