Don’t Let the Cold Seep Through Your Patio Doors

Soon it will be cold and windy — are your patio doors ready? If not, you may want to consider repairs or upgrades before more of your home’s heat is gone with the wind.
Patio doors have many functions, but their main function, of course, is to allow you convenient access to your patio. In this capacity, they must open and close easily. Whether you have sliding glass doors, French doors or regular hinged doors, they must move freely and shut tightly, otherwise, they are not doing their jobs.

Most patio doors are made of glass, to allow you uninterrupted views of your backyard, but if they don’t fit right, they can allow in cold air, debris and critters. Your steel front door or your wooden side door are heavier and offer greater resistance to the elements, but your glass doors don’t leave any room for error — they must be snug in their jambs.

Clean and Oil

If your patio doors are hard to slide or you have to use your shoulder to get the door closed, they need some attention. Many sliding glass door issues can be solved with a simple cleaning and lubrication. Gunk can build up in the tracks and impede the doors’ ability to slide open and closed easily. Give your tracks and doors a good cleaning, and see if this does the trick.

If not, try lubricating it. WD-40 works in many instances, but this silicone-based spray is not recommended for some types of doors. Make sure you know what kind of lubricant to apply to your door so no damage is done.

Age or Poor Installation

French doors and ordinary hinged doors occasionally can become difficult to close for a few reasons. If they were not hung properly inside the jams, they may never have fit together perfectly, either leaving gaps or rubbing too closely together. If you think this is the case, a call to the installation company is in order.

When you have had your doors for a long time and you use them frequently, it may be necessary to tighten the screws on the hinges to return the door back to its original position. If your door has become difficult to close suddenly, you may want to have your foundation checked out for any cracks or shifting.

Fill the Cracks

Once your doors all fit nicely in their jambs and open and close smoothly if you still feel cold air, you may have a problem with the seal, or be in need of some fresh weatherstripping. It’s simple enough to remove an old gasket seal from a door and put on a new one, but make sure the one you’re buying is the right size because you want a tight fit.

If all this advice about how to get your patio doors ready to keep out the winter cold sounds like too much work for you, call Peach Building Products. We are the experts at installing and maintaining all types of patio doors. We can preserve your comfort and save you money on heating bills by repairing or replacing your patio doors before the real cold season gets underway.