Choosing Proper Window Treatment Style

When it comes to the world of window treatments, you generally have three broad options for style: Shutters, blinds and shades. These products are all somewhat similar and have some overlap, but they each come with distinct characteristics that separate them as well.

At Peach Building Products, we have a wide variety of window blinds, shutters and shades available for you to choose from. What are some of the basics and factors that might drive you in one direction or the other as you consider which window treatment option is best for your home? Here are some factors on each area.

choosing window treatment style


Shutters are generally known as solid coverings that feature slats, which can be opened or closed to dictate how much light is let into the room. They’re considered a variation of stationary blinds, one that comes with a rod that’s attached to the slats and performs their basic rotations.

There are several different kinds of shutters out there, including plantation shutters, café shutters for bottom halves of windows, full height shutters, tier-on-tier options and many other custom window shutter options. Which you choose will depend on your privacy needs and your desire for a light-dark balance, plus which materials you prefer. Shutters are known to be durable and provide better insulation than other window treatments.


Blinds refer to a broad category that includes any window covering with a vane or slat, plus the ability for the owner to raise or lower the cover. They come in both horizontal and vertical styles, and some also include sheer fabric layers that overlay the structure to increase privacy.

Blinds can be made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, wood, bamboo and others. Blinds are soft, meaning they can be pulled to the sides or the top easily and stack up, whereas shades are meant to operate on a continuous roll to cover the window opening.


For stylish, budget-friendly options, shades are sometimes the way to go. They’re available in everything from plain functional style to designer options that have several potential fabrics involved. They’re some of the most stylish of any of the options we’ve discussed here, especially if you have a decent budget to work with.

However, if your top priority is full control over light presence in a given room, shades might not be the best choice for you. While new options like top-down shades allow you to control light more than prior generations, blinds are the best window treatment for full light control and privacy.

For more on choosing between several different viable window treatment options, or to learn about any of our services in custom windows and doors, speak to the pros at Peach Building Products today.