standard door frame component

Primer on Standard Door Frame Component Knowledge

Whether you’re considering an entry door, patio door or several other potential door needs, the pros at Peach Building Products are here to help. We have a huge selection of quality door replacement options, including fiberglass, wood, steel, Craftsman selections and many others available, plus a team to assist you with installation needs. Have you[…]

End of Summer Home Improvement Sale

Summer is the perfect time to make home improvements, but it is coming to an end fast. The weather is mild, and home improvements you make now can contribute to a more comfortable winter. Think About the Windows If you’re looking for ways to improve your home for winter comfort, make windows your first project. Replacement windows can keep the[…]

9 Great Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your doors and windows is an excellent idea that will give your home a whole new and attractive appearance. Besides improving your family’s comfort, it can give your home a unique style that creates instant curb-appeal. If your current set is old and not giving you the following benefits, have them replaced! Enhance Efficiency[…]

Getting New Windows or Door This Winter Can Save You Money

Getting New Windows or Doors This Winter Can Save You Money

When the numbers on the thermometer get smaller, the numbers on your home-heating bill get larger. Prevent them from getting too large this winter by keeping drafts and cold air in your home to a minimum. Replacement Windows Are Strong and Beautiful A lot of the heat lost from your home escapes through windows and[…]