February 7, 2017

Secret For Choosing Patio Doors

Top 10 Secret Tips
for Choosing the Right Patio Door In Utah’s Unique Climate

A patio door is one of the most important doors in your home. As far as energy efficiency, in Utah it is likely the most important opening in your home. It is also traditionally the most vulnerable place of a burglary break-in. Here are a few tips of what to look for when making your patio door purchase.

Choosing Patio Doors

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    1. Test the Quality Before You Invest – Test the patio doors in the hardware store and then compare them to ours. You will be shocked at the difference in quality. Typically doors from big-box retailers such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, sell the cheapest quality available, they are poorly made, and you can really feel the difference in quality by simply trying them out. Remember, there is a reason that big retailers have their doors crammed into their packaging so you can’t test them out and feel the difference. After testing the difference in quality between our patio doors and others, we are certain you will make the smart choice. Make sure that the frame is not made of wood which will rot and need replacing, composite frames are not only stronger, they will not rot, warp, or need maintenance.
    2. Security – Multi-point locking systems and reinforced strike plate areas are great security features you should look for in a patio door. Also, check the integrity of the door itself: is it strong and durable? Most home intrusions happen through the sliding glass door, so make sure you chose one that is safe for you and your family to avoid break-ins.
    3. Styling – Discover which best fits in your home: a swinger, slider or French patio door? Consider design options, such as: grilles, transoms, sidelites, decorative glass, and blinds between the glass.
    4. Quality – Be sure your patio door is well-insulated and fits tightly into a UV protected frame, (composite or fiberglass is best for Utah’s climate). Be careful when choosing the exterior material: wood will warp, rot and split, and is not energy efficient so don’t settle for a cheap door with a wood frame or you will just end up replacing it. Most low grade vinyl patio doors tend to warp and leak, especially if in direct sunlight so make sure if you chose vinyl that is manufactured to the highest standards and have a UV protection to avoid warping, leakage, and even breaking after being exposed to Utah’s extreme heat, cold, and high elevation UV rays.
    5. Choose fiberglass and fully composite frames – These new building materials provide the greatest benefits of all exterior doors and are designed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance. Fiberglass or composite mouldings can be custom stained or painted to match your home interior and exterior making it the best option for your patio door. A fiberglass framed patio door is a greater investment up front, but the quality and versatility is unmatched by any other building material, and you cannot put a price on your home safety and security.
    6. Performance – Look for strong time tested weather stripping and an adjustable threshold to ensure a tight seal when the door is closed. You want the panel to fit snugly within the frame to ensure minimal air infiltration. Choose a patio door that is energy efficient and features the ENERGY STAR® label. Don’t forget that even if you buy the best door possible, it is the perfection of installation that will ultimately make the difference. Do not compromise on the installation.
    7. Low Maintenance – You don’t want to spend time or money maintaining your patio door; consider exterior cladding options for a clean, pre-finished exterior that’s easy to care for. This comes standard with all of Peach’s patio doors. Remember the difference is in the details and we have all of the best secrets to install your your door properly. By the time you a big box retailer adds on the “extras” (standard for Peach) it will end up costing you more from the large retailers and the the quality and durability is incomparable.
    8. Warranties – Select a product backed by its manufacturer and installation company. Investigate the warranties offered to be sure they will meet your needs and if you have a problem, the company will actually fix the problem. Buy from an established specialty window and door company that you know is going to be around and has excellent customer reviews. There is no substitute for a company with an established reputation and years of success to back that up.
    9. Choosing the Right Installer – A patio door is only as good as the installation. Installing patio doors properly takes years of experience, and Peach has 23+ years’ experience and knows all of the secret tip and tricks that will make the difference, extensive training, and our installers believe hanging a door properly is a form of art and fine craftsmanship. Read testimonials from people who have had their patio doors installed by the company you choose, ask for and check references. Only choose installers that are licensed, insured, and certified in proper patio door installation.
    10. Don’t overlook your patio door in your kitchen area – Your kitchen’s most important upgrade. If you are remodeling your house or just a kitchen remodel, a new patio door adds the perfect finishing touch. Our doors with the blinds built in between the glass are the most popular, and make perfect privacy and keep the radiant sun and damaging UV rays out of your home saving your floor, cabinets, and furniture from fading or rotting. Say goodbye to sun bleached and warped floors, dining sets, and kitchen cabinets.

Peach’s advanced door design protects every Peach patio door from water infiltration on all sides, which prevents warping, delamination, rotting and keeps away mold and mildew.

Peach Benefits No One Else Has

    • Completely Waterproof Composite & Insulated Frames and Edging
    • Top of the Line Custom Decorative Privacy Glass Options
    • High-Impact Fiberglass Most Efficient Patio Doors
    • Full composite frames with each and every door system
    • High performance composite jambs for higher security and water protection
    • Hinged doors have sweeps with three layers of weather stripping
    • Gliding doors and french doors feature a unique interlocking seal for maximum security and superior performance, keeping out cold or hot air, as well as insects, spiders, and rodents
    • French doors, hinged patio doors and gliding doors feature patented weep-hole cover and threshold design.