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How Interior Shutters Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Quality window shutters effectively block and absorb solar heat during hot weather leading to lower cooling bills for the home. When fixed along the window trim, interior shutters also reduce heat loss during cold seasons. If your plans involve making your home more energy efficient, installing plantations shutters on all of your windows will help[…]

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Peach Building Products is a Utah-based provider of custom doors, windows, skylights, sunrooms, and blinds. We have been in business for over 25 years. We are family-owned and operated, and work hard to keep our customers happy by providing quality products, custom design solutions, guaranteed product installation, and face-to- face, reliable and friendly customer service.[…]

Skylights Deliver Lots of Joy for Little Money

Skylights Deliver Lots of Joy for Little Money

  A skylight is a rewarding project because it makes such a big impact and costs so little in comparison to other home improvement projects. The materials themselves can be quite inexpensive. Installation costs are higher, but the total still comes in well under almost all home renovation projects. Read on to find out how and why your home[…]