Are Wood Windows Energy Efficient?

Nothing can give your home a warm, inviting feel like wood windows. If you love their classic look, but you’re afraid they won’t be energy efficient, think again! You can install stunning wooden frames without letting your heat or AC literally go out the window by following these simple guidelines. Choose the Right Frames When it[…]

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Windows provide light and ventilation, but older glass and aging sashes can actually be costing you money by negatively impacting your home’s energy efficiency. You can improve energy efficiency and instantly increase the value of your home when you replace those old windows with energy efficient windows. You’ll love the way they look and love[…]

End of Summer Home Improvement Sale

Summer is the perfect time to make home improvements, but it is coming to an end fast. The weather is mild, and home improvements you make now can contribute to a more comfortable winter. Think About the Windows If you’re looking for ways to improve your home for winter comfort, make windows your first project. Replacement windows can keep the[…]

9 Great Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your doors and windows is an excellent idea that will give your home a whole new and attractive appearance. Besides improving your family’s comfort, it can give your home a unique style that creates instant curb-appeal. If your current set is old and not giving you the following benefits, have them replaced! Enhance Efficiency[…]


Shutters vs. Blinds vs Blinds In life, there are some questions that have existed through the ages. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? While we can’t answer those questions, we can help you with one of the most frequently asked questions in the window coverings industry: Shutters or blinds? We hear this question a[…]

Custom Living Room Blinds in Utah

How Interior Shutters Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Quality window shutters effectively block and absorb solar heat during hot weather leading to lower cooling bills for the home. When fixed along the window trim, interior shutters also reduce heat loss during cold seasons. If your plans involve making your home more energy efficient, installing plantations shutters on all of your windows will help[…]

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Meet the Team

Peach Building Products is a Utah-based provider of custom doors, windows, skylights, sunrooms, and blinds. We have been in business for over 25 years. We are family-owned and operated, and work hard to keep our customers happy by providing quality products, custom design solutions, guaranteed product installation, and face-to- face, reliable and friendly customer service.[…]