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More Quality in Materials and Installation and better Styles for the Investment

Ordinary patio doors are based on price, not performance. That’s where we are different. At Peach Building Products, we ensure you get the best possible product at the best possible price. All our patio doors are custom built, so you can select styles and combinations to fit your individual needs. We specialize in high energy efficient patio doors with low e glass, blinds between the class, french patio doors, french, bi-fold doors, and more.

We offer a complete line of specialty energy efficient patio doors including patio doors with blinds between the glass, french doors, swinging doors and standard sliding doors or gliding patio doors. Most of our patio doors exceed the highest efficiency standards and qualify for rebates.

All our patio doors are designed for easy use and easy care. Every design detail and operating feature has been tested in independent laboratories, and has been proven in the home environment for decades. All our patio doors are maintenance free. They will never need painting, scraping or puttying. They are designed so you have peace of mind knowing that your replacement patio door will last a lifetime.

Our high performance Energy Star compliant patio doors include Low “E” glazing, argon gas filled insulated glass, and warm-edge frame technology, helping keep your home silent, comfortable and energy efficient. Our insulated frames, fusion-welded construction, and continuous weather stripping resists noise, air and water twice as well as the AAMA/WDMA standards.

We specialize in Neuma patio doors and are the exclusive dealer and certified installer in Utah. Peach is rated #1 in the state for the best place to purchase and install your patio door. In independent tests, Neuma patio doors typically out perform all other patio doors on the market.

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Features and Benefits

  • Hinged, french or sliding doors available
  • Blinds between the glass available
  • Multiple colors and glass options available
  • 20 year warrantee
  • Energy Star rated for energy efficiency
  • Low “E” Glazing
  • Insulating argon gas filled
  • 2 & 4 point locks with adjustable strikes for added security
  • 3/4 inch insulated, tempered glass for excellent energy savings and safety
  • Anodized, aluminum threshold cover
  • Fully fusion-welded corners in panel and frame
  • Exterior key lock
  • Flat or sculptured grids available
  • Sound control glazing package available
  • Optical beveled glass available
  • Heavy duty aluminum screen
  • Blinds between the glass options
  • A variety of stylish interior handle finishes
  • Available sidelights and transoms provide flexible designs
  • Maintenance free vinyl or fiberglass frames
  • All windows and doors are backed by a lifetime warranty
  • French doors, french patio doors, fiberglass doors
  • Custom patio doors perfect for Utah’s harsh climate
  • Most secure patio doors available
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Energy efficiency rebates available 

Patio Door Tips

A patio door is more than just another door. So here are a few tips of what to look for when making your patio door purchase.

1 ) Styling
Discover which best fits in your home: a swinger, slider or French patio door? Consider design options, such as: grilles, transoms, sidelites, decorative glass, and blinds between the glass.

2 ) Quality
Be sure your patio door is well-insulated and fits tightly into the frame. Be careful when choosing the exterior material: wood has a history of warping, rotting and splitting, and is not energy efficient. Vinyl tends to warp and leak especially if in direct sunlight. Fiberglass with full composite frames have the greatest benefits of all and are designed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance. Fiberglass can be custom stained or painted to match your interior or exterior.

3 ) Security
Multi-point locking systems and reinforced strike plate areas are good security measures you should look for in a patio door. Also, check the integrity of the door itself: is it strong and durable?

4 ) Performance
Look for strong weatherstripping and an adjustable threshold to ensure a tight seal when the door is closed. You want the panel to fit snugly within the frame to ensure minimal air infiltration. Choose a patio door that is energy efficient and features the ENERGY STAR® label.

5 ) Low Maintenance
You don’t want to spend time maintaining your patio door; consider exterior cladding options for a clean, pre-finished exterior that’s easy to care for.

6 ) Warranties
Select a product backed by its manufacturer and installation company. Investigate the warranties offered to be sure they will meet your needs. Buy from an established specialty window and door company that you know is going to be around and has excellent customer reviews.

7 ) Ease of Operation
Test the patio doors in the store and compare them to the competition. Doors should slide and close completely and quietly without struggling.

8 ) Choosing the Right Installer
A patio door is only as good as the installation. Installing patio doors properly takes years of experience, extensive training, and is almost a form of art. Read testimonials from people who have had their patio doors installed by the company you choose, ask for and check references. Only choose installers that are licensed, insured, and certified in proper patio door installation.

If you are remodeling your house or just a kitchen remodel a new patio door is the perfect finishing touch. Our doors with the blinds built in make for perfect privacy and keep the radiant sun and UV out of your home. Say goodbye to sun bleached floors dining sets and cabinets.

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